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Thread: car computer powering issue (j6)

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    car computer powering issue (j6)

    Mods please move this if this is in the wrong area sorry ahead of time...

    Ok so I installed my Car computer awhile back in my 2005 subaru wrx. today i took my car out for some fun in the mountains and one of the cables got disconected a red one (J6) connected to the J6 which is a red and black wire connected to my M2-ATX power supply. well anyways im not sure where this goes completely. I know its the J6 and its a remote line and its red... the black one is grounded. I used a voltimeter and i know the power lines work cause i get 12v. which is needed to power on the amp (reading from other post)

    I have a Voompc. I have tried hooking the red wire up to the remote line going to the amp and tried starting the car nothing at all...

    Forgot to mention when i was driving the computer went into shut down mode and shut it self didnt just turn off instantly.

    Well im hoping i could get some help
    if anyone knows of anything im sitting here in the garage currently on the laptop looking stuff up. i found out everything about it but still don't know how to connect it correctly.

    [email protected] is my email any help is appreciated.

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    the J6 is an Amp turn on wire, it is used to turn on an Amp (optional)
    the red wire is most likely the IGN.
    You need to connect that to a switched 12v line.

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    Yes... but where does the red wire comming off the J6 go to the amp? or does it connect to something else? i connect it directly to the amp REMOTE line and still the amp does not turn on....

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