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Thread: I have an idea on how to build it...

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    I have an idea on how to build it...

    but I would like some help with understanding what I need to do.

    I have a 1992 Honda Accord EX with stock stereo/tape deck head and CD player. Somewhere down the line I want to remove these completely and run everything off of the computer and put an LCD in-dash touchscreen in there (Xenarc has a really neat motorized one on the way), but for now it looks like I can just disconnect the CD player and run the audio through the stereo/tape deck head, and run Linux and a keypad.

    My question is really about how to get my computer running in the car. I've been looking around the internet for a few weeks now, and there only seem to be two ways people like to do this:

    DC to DC Powersupply
    DC to AC Inverter + AC to DC Powersupply

    I would like to go the DC to DC route as most people say this reduces engine noise in the audio line. seems to have a great powersupply for this, however I am a little confused on how this works. Do I just connect it directly to the battery and that's it, or do I need to have something in-between the battery and PSU so I don't blow it up?

    I was also looking at using the VIA Epia C3 800MHz just like most of the other people here. Would this PSU work with this board, or would I need an adapter of some sort?

    During all of my poking around on the internet, I came across this: which is the VIA Epia C3 800MHz with a DC-DC PSU in a case. Basically it is everything all together, but it doesn't say how the PSU works, or if it has an auto-shutdown or what have you. Has anyone played with one of these?

    I'm not too bright when it comes to cars and their electrical systems (I write software and play video games, my car starts when I turn the key, that's all I know! :), so if anyone has played with these PSUs, or has any step by step instructions on how to put all this stuff together, I would greatly appreciate it! :)

    Thanks everybody! :)


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    You can use the opus powersupply without anything between your battery and PSU.

    If you're still not sure use a 16A fuse between your battery and PSU.


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    If you going to wire the Opus directly to the battery and not through the cars fuse box, you MUST fuse the wire. The fuse in the Opus will only protect the Opus PSU, not the cable in between it and the battery. Should the insulation around the cable become damaged and short to the bodywork (an all too common cause of vehicle electrical fires) you car will go up in flames. Probably best to spend that few pence and get a fuse.
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    I appreciate the responses, looks like I'll go ahead and get that Opus PSU and some fuses. Thanks! :)


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