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This amused me greatly. Of course dell is going to say you can't use any other PSU than they sell (for a higher price) to power their system. They want to make money.

I'm curious, what on a PSU could you possibly encrypt? The voltages? :P

Edit: AH! Perhaps you are talking about the power supply identification that dell uses on their laptop chargers? The laptops still run with aftermarket chargers but they complain about it. Never heard of dell putting this in desktops.
Dell got in trouble a couple years ago for not following the standards rules, they used an ATX connector but they moved the pins around, this made it so that only their PSUs would work, but when people started blowing PSUs and mobos lawsuits started to emerge, this is what i meant by making sure that it is compatible.

PS: i know from when my PSU died, i called dell they told me that it would take about 2 weeks from the moment they received my damaged PSU, so i told them that it was a work computer and i needed it working today and they told me that i could use aftermarket PSUs without problems