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Thread: Can't get carputer to run right!!!!

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    Unhappy Can't get carputer to run right!!!!

    Hey guys wondering if any of you'll could help out there. Yes i search and research already for two day for solution and bench test it before install, i got several promblem: thank you in advance for the help, I'm really starting to get really frustrated .

    1) carputer turns on automatically even when the car is off.Only turns on once after shutdown i have to disconnect and connect back to power source to turn back on again. I wired the red to 12v battery, black to ground, white to ignition (yellow wire from alphine HU). Yellow is a switch right? I have a two prong switch,but not really sure on how to wire it. This is what i think it should be wire one prong for the yellow wire coming out the carputer and second prong ground?

    2) I know this is the wrong section to post but i did not want to make several thread. My gps is not running from the frontend (centrafuse). From the destop it is getting the read out the reciever is BU-353 usglobalstat ,but in centrafuse navigation i get the big red x. i tried to set both to 4800 and 9600 ( some thread rec. to do 9600) in the settings it is on nmne.
    3) last thing is my bluetooth for phone is working but i am not getting any sound from my speakers. I have USB-SA Andrea External USB Soundcard / SuperBeam Microphone Bundle. Cannot figure out guys i have the mic. plug to the usb sound card. and aux. on the carputer aux out not on the soundcard.

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    1 - Sounds like you have the IGN wire to a constant power source. Yellow is just a color, and could mean anything. The only way to be 100% certain that wire is a switched line is to test the voltage with a multimeter both ith ignition on and ignition off.

    2 - GPS communicates at 4800. Do you have the CF settings the same as GPS Info (COM port, baud rate, etc.)?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    check the manual if your alpine HU (some have a diagram ontop of the unit) for the diagram that says what wire/color is what, or just do it the correct way and test it with a multimeter.

    as far as the bluetooth audio, we need to know what software you are using with it, also take a look at the link in my sig it might explain a couple things for ya.

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    I had to use a program like XPort or GPSGate in between my BU353 and CF, it didn't like being told to just look at the actual port the GPS was on. Otherwise, yes, make sure everything in CF is configured the same. Also make sure all audio devices are set properly and nothing is muted in one of the Windows control panels.

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