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Thread: Battery flat :( anyone know y? M4-ATX PSU

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    Put a switch on the remote line going to the amp. With my subs running and the car off I could drain the battery pretty fast... Just turn off the subs when messing with the computer without the engine running.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jellymonster View Post
    I now read page 3. So the M4 will only turn the PC off if the Hard-Off is turned on?
    Also, when I wire in the ignition, I will use P1(recommended). Which means dip switch 1 is on. Why does the manual show only 3 dip switches and in reality there are 4?
    Leave the last one in the "Off" position (up). I would set those dip switches now and let the M4 control that feature. Do you have an accessory slot in your fuse box? You could plug the M4-ATX into there and wouldn't have to do too much work to have it tied to ignition then.

    Do you have the M4 hooked up to your AMP for the Anti Thump?

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    i suffered a similar fate. albeit my m4-atx was DOA.

    i wired it up following the instructions from the manual, the pc wouldnt turn on. (i have already purhcased the DSATX and it arrived today[the m4 is going back!])
    I went up stairs to take a shower , came back 30mins , battery was dead.

    i had left the m4-atx in normal power supply mode.
    i verified that all my connections were correct,my battery is brand new, its a new car
    MY m4 was a lemon

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpinkerton View Post
    You can get a bigger battery, how long it lasts will depend on the draw you're pulling from the battery and the battery itself.

    I can't find it now, but yesterday there was a good post with the math of figuring out how long you can run on a battery. I wouldn't suggest runnin' your battery down very often, as your dad can attest, you'll kill your battery and prevent it from keeping a charge entirely.

    EDIT: Found the post from this thread.
    You drive a small car so there would not be any harm running the engine if your worried about fuel economy. I drive a V8 SUV and I barely use gas sitting for an hour. I wish I could run my PC with no engine but after 10 minutes my battery is reaching full drainage, lol. Once I get all the stuff in, I dont think it will last 2 with the engine off.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
    if your battery was on its way out yea it'll die after 30 mins. But a healthy battery should allow 90 mins minimum. Ive done that with full atx desktop PCs in the car.
    I agree, when I had the normal system, I could tinker with it for about an hour before having to turn on the engine to charge the battery, so something is wrong with your battery.
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