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Thread: Best battery

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    I've had longevity issues with Optima's (lasting 2 years and having a horible time dealing with the warranty). The Odyssey's I have tried are great batteries.

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    Highest RC/Ah time and CCA would be best. Though as long as the CCA is within your car needs you will be fine, but you can never have too much CCA. hehe.

    walmarts in So Cal have a deep cycle 115 RC time battery for like 70 bucks just to give you an idea.

    A yellow top is 100-120 RC.
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    Optima aren't the best or longest lasting deep cycle batteries. If you want the absolute best, get a LifeLine. They are what the hardcore RVers use, and you are basically doing the same thing with it. You'll need to calculate the draw you're going to have, and then plan for one, or a bank of them.

    You also can't draw a deep cycle down to zero. They are designed to be drawn down to 50% of their capacity, or they will be damaged. So if you need 100 Amp Hours during the time you have the car parked, you'll need a minimum of 200 Amp Hours capacity. Even that isn't recommended to get the best life out of the batteries. 200 Amp Hours worth of batteries is going to at roughly 120lbs to your car. Maybe a drop in the bucket compared to what some people add in sound deadening.

    Another thing to consider is using some type of the above AGM types of batteries, rather than the much, much cheaper lead acid batteries. Especially if you will be in the car with them. The lead acid ones need to be sealed from the cabin, and vented to outside. AGM batteries don't. A lot more expensive though.

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