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Thread: Bluescreen on ignition.

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    Bluescreen on ignition.

    Hello all,

    I recently installed a carpc in my BMW 2001 X5, and here are the specs:

    Intel MB DG41TY
    2.8 Core2Duo processor
    2GB RAM
    500GB 7200 RPM HDD
    Powered by an M2-ATX power supply with the following jumper settings:
    A B C D
    Off On On Off
    Off-delay= 30min
    Hard-off= Never

    OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate.
    Connected to a Prology PCM-750T motorized screen.

    Well, I have two problems:

    1- When I turn off the car, the PC stays on, as it should be (but the screen gets off -normal-), but when I start the ignition again, I get a bluescreen and then computer restarts.

    1- When the car is started, everything works just fine, but sometimes the computer hangs after the Windows boot screen, So the welcome screen doesn't get displayed, until I reset the computer, and sometimes after many resets.

    Any help concerning one of the two problems is more than appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards;

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    Thank you for your help...

    Problems solved.

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