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Thread: double check my wiring for my m2-atx

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    double check my wiring for my m2-atx

    I am running 2 14 gauge wire directly from the battery each with an inline 15A fuse, both wires have a rocker switch so i can control the power line and the 2nd line as my ignition wire. I wondering if the 15A and 14 gauge wire are good enough or not and should it be good enough to hook up to the m2-atx 16 gauge wires (ign and +battery line) from the switches.

    Looking forward to responses.

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    i to would like to know if a 14 gauge wire with a 15 amp fuse is enough for a car pc with the M2-ATX thanks

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    Why wire the IGN line to the battery? You could set the M2 to "dumb mode" and just run a button to the motherboard....

    I think 14awg is pushing the limits of safety. I recommend 12awg or larger (lower awg).
    The 15A fuse should be OK, but possibly on the low side. If it pops, you might replace it w/ 20A.
    Either way, make sure the fuse is as close to the battery as possible.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I also would prefer at least 12awg. From the FAQ, 14awg should be good for 10-25A for distances up to 10' (assuming copper wire). Also from the FAQ, 15A is maximum recommended fuse size for 14awg. So I'd stay with the 15A fuse just to be safe.

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    Thanks for the info i have decided to go 8 Gauge with a 20amp fuse directly from the battery

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