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Thread: 2140 issue

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    2140 issue

    I have Xenarc MP SC 8 and ran it off a 1900 for years. The 1900 gave out about a month ago and I just installed the 2140.

    It worked on the bench but when I installed into the vehicle I noticed a bad smell and then a tad of smoke coming out of the 2140. I immiediately pulled the power from it.

    Now it makes a strage whirring sound and it is not the fan, rather the 2 small cylindrical components by the output plug. It powers on and the LED comes on/blinks, but it will not power the computer. I plugged the computer into the wall and it is still working.

    Any ideas?? p.s. I made sure the DLYON was not shorting on anything as well...

    One other thing, I changed the hard drive in my Xenarc from a 60g 2.5 t a 120g 3.5 Is this causing a startup issue possibly and hard on the start up controller??

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    Have you tried to hook it up to a PC via USB? The PSUmoni application can be found here:

    It's also probably worth posting on the Carnetix support forums.

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    hooked it up PSUmoni shows connected but no status lights. Checked the fuse too. I get the LED light on the unit, but no power to the computer.

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    Can you take a pic of the components? Is it black cylindrical (diodes) or aluminium-covered-in-a-plastic-sheeth cylindrical (capacitors)

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    It was the capacitors that were smoking. Fortunately I unplugged it quick. I bench tested the computer afterwords and it is still good. Already sent the 2140 back for repair/exchange.

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