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Thread: Use ATX PSU for non-ATX DC-DC power

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    Use ATX PSU for non-ATX DC-DC power

    So, here's the situation. I've decided to go a different way with my setup. I already have an Opus 150 (which has the ATX connector). I need to power my Fit-PC and my Xenarc. They both use 12V DC.

    I know the 150W is overkill, but can I just wire the PC and Xenarc into the 12V rail on the Opus? Based on my searches, it looks like the Opus won't power up the rails without getting a "computer on" response from a motherboard. I just want to use the Opus as a DC-DC regulator and (if I can) take advantage of the startup delay.

    I don't need the Opus to start the PC. I'll have to do it manually, which is fine. I just need power on the rail. I'm thinking that I might be able to short out the ATX connector; so that, the Opus turns on the rails. If that's the case, what ATX pins do I short?

    If there's a better solution, that's fine too. I'd like to use the Opus since I already have it, but I'm open to suggestions.

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    You have to short the green power-on with a black (gnd) This is the std on any ATX with default wiring - the green will be a thin little cable....

    If you take the ATX connector, with the female pins facing you, cables pointing down towards the ground, and the little tab/clip on the connector pointing left, the green is on the left row of pins, 4th from the bottom.

    Hope this makes sense

    The PSU should work as you plan, provided it follows the ATX standard.

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    So, I wired it all up this weekend. There's a new issue now. As soon as I short the ATX power pin (#14) with a ground pin, the Opus turns on regardless of the ignition state. Is that normal?

    I was under the impression that the Opus would power down 10 seconds after the ignition shut off. The jumpers on the Opus are set for 10 sec. shutdown. I've got power and ground from a distribution block and a wire from the radio harness for the ignition state. I tested the ignition state wire with a multimeter, and it only shows 12V when the ignition is in Accessory or ON.

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