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Thread: DSATX 5 blinks

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    DSATX 5 blinks

    So I've been using my CarPC for about a year now with no trouble hardware-wise. Last night I fire it on, it got to the beginning of the OS (WinXP) and then it immediately turned off. I have a kill switch for the ACC line so I toggle that to no avail. So I look at the DSATX and notice the computer is off (obviously) and DSATX is giving off 5 blinks.

    Looking the code up it says that its either a Fault or its Over Load. I really don't think I'm over load as this thing has been running just fine for awhile now. I'm looking for things to try to help determine if its the DSATX at fault or something else.

    Things I've done so far:

    Toggling the ACC kill switch (while engine on) just causes the DSATX to power off (no lights)/5 blinks, though when I kill it after its been on, it takes a few seconds to fully power off (I'm sure this is normal).

    Disconnected some of my USB accessories to "lighten" the load some, but this hasn't made any difference.

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    Try disconnecting the components one at a time(or just to check whether is is a power supply issue, disconnect everything and then power it up), it is very possible that one of the parts has either failed, or might have something metal on it that is causing the short.

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    Additional suggestions:
    - if you have the brainstem, connect to the PC and reset it to defaults.
    - Send a PM to zootjeff. He designed the DSATX and is very helpful in troubleshooting.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I got it working. All I did was reseat the 24pin and 4pin power cables from the DSATX and reattach them and that cleared it. Weird.

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