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Thread: Enough Juice?

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    Enough Juice?

    I am ready to wire my m2atx to my battery however a few impala owners are talking about this thing we have called the auxillary power drop. the last time I tried to hook up my m2-atx to this one line for the factory amplifier it looked like it was struggling. how can I know if this line has a sufficient amount of juice. I'm curious to know if there is a way to use a multimeter to test the amps or whatever to know the amount of juice coming through will be sufficient enough?

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    If I understand correctly, what you're trying to say is engine crank, when your car starts the voltage of the battery drops. This is virtually eliminated by the buck/boost circuit on the psu, it'll compensate just fine. So basically, if your car battery is working fine, your carpc will work just fine.
    Technically, if the psu is struggling it should go into some sort of protect mode, though I've heard horror stories of the M2Atx going on fire before. One way to check is to run a amp meter and check how much current is drawing from the battery by the psu, and if the value is >90% of the rated current, you're probably working the m2atx a little too hard.

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