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Thread: Hard power down a pc....

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    Hard power down a pc....

    ok...three questions in one...

    I am still in the planning no specifics yet....

    but senario #1....
    If I have my carpc in the dash powered either by an m4atx or an opus would I hard power off the pc if it locks up? I don't want to have to pull to the side of the road...turn off the ignition..and wait for the converter to shut things down. Could I put a momentary switch somewhere b/w the ps and the mb?

    Senario #2....
    The back pcs won't be used all the time (they are for the kids) My question is, can I put a rocker switch on the remote wire to control when the converters (again m4atx or opus whatever) power these pcs/screens on?

    Last question...
    Where is a good place to get distro blocks (online) for our stuff....I was thinking 4awg from bat to a distro block...then 10awg to each of 3 car pcs (and screens) and 8awg to two amps (one 4 chanel and 1 sub amp) (don't flame me if wire guages are off...haven't figured my draw yet)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Answer to Scenario 1: you can run a wire from a momentary switch to where the reset button would be. There is no real need to be concerned about wire distance. i ran a 16 foot 18guage wire from my trunk to my dash.
    I actually did that weekend. i used to have to pull over on the highway and pull the fuse

    Scenario 2 : i assume you will be running separate power supplies to each pc. IF that is that is the case, the DC-DC psu's have "ignition" connectors. they signal to psu to turn on wen it power has been applied. just like applying power to an amp
    Thats how how i run mine, i have a switch wired up to the "ignition" line , i use it wen i am lending someone my car and i dont want time to use the pc. eg.valet
    or in ur case for the kids.

    last answer : i am not sure where the best place would be for a distro block.
    historically, online prices have always been the best.

    hope that clears up some smoke for ya..

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    Scenario #1....Thanks....forgot out the reset switch....doh
    #2...just what I thought...but wanted to make sure!
    #3... just looking for some quality (fused if possible) distro blocks, wire, etc.... I was thinking street wires or monster cables...but wanted to see what other people recommeneded.

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