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Thread: 18.5V from 12 system?

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    18.5V from 12 system?

    Hi I have a working half of a HP ZV6000 laptop that I wish to use in a carputer application via an external display. The DC requirements is 18.5V, is there a possible way to power this with any inverters on the market? I looked manufacturer provided car inverters for this model and all I can find are DC-AC converters. I no longer have the DC-AC power brick.

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    Hmm, looks like HP doesn't have one. Their auto adaptors only go up to 90W and the ZV6000 needs the 120W version.

    Also, you're not looking for an inverter; they take DC and convert it to AC.

    You could get one of the Carnetix DC-DC regulators at the MP3Car Store. The CNX-P1900 is about what you'd pay for a simple auto adaptor but it has many more features and is better suited to the car environment. It doesn't do exactly 18.5V but that shouldn't be a problem.

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    The CNX-2140 outputs more power and has a USB interface if that is of interest to you. Either one will work.
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