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Thread: I killed my M4-ATX, options please

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    I killed my M4-ATX, options please

    I also posted this in my worklog, but this forum gets far more viewers, sorry for the dupe.

    I did something very dumb. It was getting late and I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and I removed the lid with the power supply, but forgot to shut off the power. I bumped the 12 volt-in against the metal case and saw a spark and it even stuck to the case a bit.

    Well it turns out I killed my power supply. I was hoping I just blew the fuse, but it's intact. I used my power supply tester and I'm getting nothing from it. I can't see any burned out components so I don't know what actually blew. Luckily the PC is ok. I can run it off my desk psu just fine, whew!.

    Now I'm trying to figure out my options.
    1. If I knew which components blew I could replace them.
    2. Maybe Mini-box can repair it?
    3. Buy a new one.

    Do you have any other options?
    How about which components are the likely candidates for replacement?

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    mini-box the company isn't very good with customer service, i have a thread here you might want to check out.

    i wouldn't rely on them.... try an RMA from the company you bought it from if it's still under warranty.

    also, isn't that what the fuse is for? to protect the power circuit?

    first thing i'd try is taking out the fuse, plugging ignition/ground/12v everything in, pulling the fuse, and checking for power there..... if there's power there, then well i dunno, if there's not, then you can investigate from the wiring outside the PSU to the fuse itself.

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