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Thread: Best way to power a Acer Revo or Asrock Ion 330 for Car PC use?

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    Best way to power a Acer Revo or Asrock Ion 330 for Car PC use?

    Hi guys,

    Hope everyone is well. Been a long time I've been away from here. But I now feel like I want to dip my toes into the Car PC world again.

    This time I plan on using either an Acer Revo or a Asrock Ion 330 nettop PC as my main PC unit. I know both of these devices need a 19V DC-DC power input.

    What would be the smartest and easiet way to power the devices. I was thinking of a Carnetix 1900 which has a 19V output and a 12V output (which I can use for my screen). Is this the easiest way to doing it or is an alternative recommended. Would it be possible to fir the PSU inside the existing case - that would be ideal?


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    it all depends how much room inside the pc case u have to play with of course.

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    19V means you're stuck with the carnetix or that new minibox one.

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    i was thinking about trying to make a start-up/shutdown controller using simple logic gates and delays with 555 timers (more of a learning process for me than anything else). I also ordered some 8 pin picaxes to try and come up with a one chip solution (again, as a starter project to get into pics).

    i'm not promising anything or a time frame (child, work, school, wife - and this is just a hobby), but when i get it i will post it all here amid the tons of projects just like this. it will not be a software solution, it will reproduce you pushing the power button and then x amount of sec. later unplugging the inverter (x will be adjustable as a one-shot timer). reverse for power on.

    it will be for use with an inverter and external powerbrick set-up, or inverter and a pc.
    the final piece will have three inputs (12, ign, ground) and a place to plug up to a 30 amp inverter (which is really overkill, but it will of course be a bosh relay).

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