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Thread: M1-ATX consumes power after shutdown.

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    M1-ATX consumes power after shutdown.

    I am really frustrated.
    I have two problems with my M1-ATX.
    1) The first is that it I have it set to 5sec delay/45secs hardoff (Jumper on A only). After the computer shuts off the power supply continues to consume almost an amp of power. The computer is set to hibernate so it should not be consuming any power after shutdown. I figured my power supply had died so I bought a brand new one but the new one has the same issue.
    2) The second issue is that the NEW power supply doesn’t shutdown properly. If I shut the car off the switch line goes from 12V to about .15V at which time the power supply goes hard off after 5 seconds. If I instead, disconnect the switch line completely then the power supply will act correctly and tell the computer to hibernate and the computer will shut off normally in 18 seconds. Edit : I just found this thread which seems like it will solve this. M1-ATX 90 watt Smart Automotive Power Supply So ignore this one.
    Edit again: I put a rectifier diode (50V, 3A) inline with the switch line and that solves it.

    I am at my witts end with this. I see no way to solve either problem and I can’t think of anything that would be causing the problem. Ideas PLEASE.

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    More info needed:
    What is the M1 powering?
    How accurate are your current measurements?

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    Did you measure after the 45 s? At that time the M1 should have cut all power. If it's still drawing 1 amp, then something is wrong because that would drain your battery in less than a day.

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    M1-ATX powers an Epia something or other. Its been a long time since I dealt with this car computer but it is the smallest Epia. The current drain continues after the 45s. The current drain is measured as 6V across a 10ohm inline resistor. Unless I got my math wrong that is a 600ma drain. I know it takes my battery from full to 40% power overnight.

    There is one thing I just thought of. Yesterday I spent 4 hrs testing and looking for problems and getting the new PS to shutdown correctly. After which the drain was only 1.5V across that resistor. I couldn't make any sense of that but just now I thought that perhaps the hot line has a frayed coating right where it goes into the computer case. That would cause it. I'll have to take a look at that.
    Edit: nope that wasn't it. Still, if the drain continues at only 150mamps then I think I'll be ok. Time will tell.

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