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Thread: Problem when I shutdown PC before taking key of on m1atx

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    Problem when I shutdown PC before taking key of on m1atx


    sometimes I don't need car pc and I perform shutdown from frontend. I use M1-ATX.
    But next time when I power on car pc, then it says after bios screen, that it has been shutdown due to thermal problem. Then I need to switch m1atx completely from car battery and ignition and then power on with key again.

    Is this m1atx problem? when I turn off ignition after pc is already off, it just turns reen for few moments and then the problem starts as above.

    Is this behavior normal ? Can Ii do it in some better way ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    if you dont need the pc while the car is running you should shutdown first then turn off the power supply. a simple switch can do this if located somewhere convenient, or a latching relay could make things more automatic (meaning the pc will stay off until the next time you get in your car and start it)

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