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Thread: Power Supply Issue

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    Power Supply Issue

    Just a question, I have the m2-atx power supply and using jumper 2 setting. My question is should it shut down my computer after I turn the key off or should I have it setup to hibernate or sleep mode? Also, it the shutdown feature does not work all the time. Sometimes when I turn the car off the computer shuts down other times it just keeps running. Anything I can do to resolve that or is the power supply bad?

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    Still need help

    update - ok the issue is when I turn the key off it send the command like it should to shut down the computer. Well, Riderunner is still running. So, it send a command to close out riderunner. Well, the key box shows up saying ending task. Well, it is not ending the task. It comes up end now or cancel. How can I set the computer up to automatically close out all open applications?

    Should the computer be going to in sleep mode, shut down, or hibernate mode when the m2 send the shut down signal?

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    the shutdown/hibernate/sleep mode is setup in the power configuration menu of the os. the power supply will only simulate a power button press.

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