Finally got just about all the parts I need to install a CarPC in my friends 2001 BMW M5. The main issues I am having at the moment is that the power supply does not turn the computer on automatically when the car starts up. The power supply does start up as confirmed by the LEDs but it does not start the computer automatically, however once the LEDs are solid red (I think) I can push the power button on the computer and it starts up fine with no issues.

Thats startup. I also have a issue with shutdown.

On shutdown, the PSU just reboots the computer totally and provides power for an extra 5 minutes or so and then totally powers off.

I have installed PSUMoni, have it open automatically with startup and it stays open. I have tried messing around with the settings to no avail. The specs are as follows:

2001 BMW M5
CarNetix P2140
Input harness install done by professional body shop with a 25amp fuse (they didnt have 20amp available)
MP3Car ULTIMATE Micro Intel Vehicle & Home Media Computer

The computer is connected with power and the ACPI cable aswell.
PSUMoni is setup to provide the hibernation signal over USB
The only issue I could think of is that the OS is Windows XP Performance Edition (based off XP Pro but really stripped down.)

Please help! It's the last thing left to fix!!