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Thread: home made automatic shutdown and startup with power control

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    Maximum Bitrate bes51659's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curiosity View Post
    6 versions already? LOL It never ends does it?
    I'm on my 4th revision now using an "intelligent" DC-DC as a slave and using every I/O pin the PIC has. But it's all custom. It's very easy to get out of that general purpose area where nobody else would need the extras.
    3 versions with a GPS module and now 3 versions with LED backlight driver ;-) And I used to think my car was new....

    Have you got a link to your project, Curosity?

    Kasemodz: What is your module doing that is not done by almost any powersupplie? If it just supervises the ignition. (Honest question). Is it a moneysaver?

    Agree about FET's when it can be used. And analogue switch can be used for power on switch. Tidy and reliable.

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    Well, yeah I'm currently writing a writeup for the schematic. Well at least for me, since I already had a dc power supply unit to power my laptop, i needed some way to control the power to that unit and to the usb hub as well as turning on the computer and turning off the computer. I looked at the auto-on solution for laptops and thats cool and I also looked at how to generate a generic ups signal to put the computer into hibernation.

    But, my laptop doesn't have a com port nor does it have a working battery. So, I had to come up with a solution that would do all the above, without buying another psu unit.
    But, I'll prob post more info this weekend, when I get a chance to draw all the schematics and explain how it works.

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    What can I say? I like serial. Curiosity's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by bes51659 View Post
    Have you got a link to your project, Curosity?
    No online project. There is a picture of it off the xport page, remotes page, at the bottom. That was a minimum requirements device, leaving a second device to do all the real work.
    Quote Originally Posted by kasemodz View Post
    But, my laptop doesn't have a com port nor does it have a working battery.
    Ah, I remember those days. Using the 5V out of a USB, you can monitor when it turns off, so you can shut off power quicker, plus have a timer.

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