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Thread: Any reason why this wouldn't work?

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    Any reason why this wouldn't work?

    I'm looking to add another PSU to my setup, to power LCD, HD Radio, USB DVD player, and 2 USB hubs.

    That roughly translates into 3.5A draw for 12v (LCD=2, HD Radio ~1.5), and 8A for 5V (2 hubs at 3A each, DVD=2A).

    I was thinking I would get a Carnetix 2140, set the primary to +12v, and attach the screen and radio to it (@ +12V, the primary output is rated for 11A), and connecting one of the hubs to the secondary output (secondary output is good for 3A @+5V). Add to this the CXN-P5V and hook up the other hub to it. That leaves me with the DVD player yet to be powered.

    I was thinking about adding another CXN-P5V and attaching it to the +12V output also, since it still has about 7A headroom prior to this connection. Any reason why this wouldn't work?

    Also, any issues about using the primary without having an actual computer attached? I know ATX style PSU's do some handshaking with mobo's to the point they won't turn on/off unless they receive signaling back from the mobo. I don't think this would be the case here?


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    it would be the case you would need to short out the green wire to a black to ensure your psu would power on, not sure what pins but i think the green is pin 14

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    Thanks, but the carnetix doesn't have an ATX power just has a single power output along with an ACPI cable. I have one here, I'm going to test whether the ACPI must be connected for it to power on.

    Anyone see any issues with connecting the P5V in this way?

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