Hi there i have a dell sx270 which im going to put in my car and a 10" lcd screen, heres the info ive got on both of them:

SCREEN: The brick that powers the screen says, input:100-240vac, output 12vdc 1a. On the back of the screen itself it says 12vdc 0.7a

PC: The brick that powers the pc says, input 100-240vac 1.8a, output 12vdc 12.5a on the back of the pc it says 12vdc 12.5a

so if my maths is correct thats around 160w all together? if i dont use the bricks, which iirc is the best way?

Would this do the job of powering them both or am i completely missing the idea here? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mini-12V-200W-...#ht_4023wt_922

any help would be great as im really unsure about what to do and up untill this morning was going to use a power inverter. cheers