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Thread: Regulator for 12V DC-DC PSU?

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    Regulator for 12V DC-DC PSU?

    I've seen several mentions of the need for a 12V regulator circuit to safely use a DC-DC ATX supply in the car, where the available voltage may range from 9V(cranking) to 15V(charging). This seems like it should be a basic circuit for someone with modest electronic knowledge, but I'm having a heck of a time finding a proven circuit with the necessary components listed. I've seen a couple schematics with general component descriptions, but nothing that anyone appears to have actually used.

    I would imagine that this circuit already exists as part of the DIY PSU designs that's floating around.

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    This is actually the difficult part. Making a supply to regulate higher than 12v down to 12 is easy as is making one to boost a lower voltage up to 12v. Putting both together is the most difficult and then it doesn't take much more work to make the rest of the voltages so if you make a 12v regulated p.s. you might as well make the whole thing.


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