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Thread: opus dcx6 360W, Help!

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    could you send me the details please? i just purchased this PSU myself.

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    This was an email sent to me from Opus Tech Suport

    It seems to me that your power supply has firmware 30 loaded. Please verify this firmware by finding two hand-written digits in black ink on power supply.

    For firmware 30, pin 7 of JU2 is used to configure remote output turn-off.

    When pin 7 of JU2 is not loaded with jumper, remote output will turn off 10 seconds after ignition is swithed off.

    When pin 7 of JU2 is loaded with jumper, remote output will turn off 10 seconds before shutdown delay (set by jumpers on pin 1,2,3 of JU1).

    Pin 8 of JU2 is used to set start-up and shutdown voltages for 12V / 24V input. You load this pin only if your input voltage is more than 20V and you want to start up at 20V or higher. Please remove this jumper for input voltage below 20V. Start-up and shutdown delay voltages are always effective for 12V / 24V as described in userís guide.

    For the second issue, please follow steps below to troubleshoot it:

    1. Remove any jumpers loaded on JU2 except on pin 7 for your remote function if you need.

    2. Connect all wires as described in userís guide for ignition mode.


    4. Turn on the ignition switch.

    If the PC wonít turn on, please record the number of blinks the LED status light indicates and the time interval between two consecutive blinks.

    Please try Push-button mode if ignition mode fails:

    1. Power off your system completely.

    2. Load a jumper on position 9 of JU2.

    3. Remove the power switch cable (White and Green) connector from the main-board and place a push-button switch in its place.

    4. Power up the system. Do not turn on the ignition switch since we donít need it in push-button mode.

    5. turn on the computer with the push-button switch. If it boots up fine then try to turn it off.

    Please let me know how things go. I also include the userí s guide and power supply mode configuration for FW30. Please see files attached.

    May I have your contact number so that I may call you when needed for more troubleshooting.

    Thank you.

    Tech. Support
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    Did this solve the issue. I am facing the same problem.

    Most of the setup is complete and my carPc is in the final testing stages. It is working fine at home through the domestic 220V PSU.
    I decided to test it thru OPUS360 and therefore connected it through my inverter at home. Since it is a dual battery setup so I changed the OPUS jumper for 24V input. The measured voltage on batteries was 27V.

    Scenario 1
    Now when I connected CarPc thru Opus, I noticed a funny behaviour when the accessories line was switched on - Both the fans (CPU and case) start spinning, PC light glows constantly, USB lights glow constantly and nothing happens (pc does not boot up).
    I wait for few minutes and still nothing happens.
    Then I disconnect the accessories and the Pc starts booting and PC light starts blinking (showing HDD activities), but few secs after accessories wire is removed OPUS does a hard power cutoff and PC gets abruptly powered off.

    On my second jumper block I have numbers 7-12 using up all the pins. In the manual its only shows 7-10 and it excludes the outer 2 pins.
    Same here...
    The handwritten version here say 30

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    Where did you get an inverter? I'd love to be able to hook up the Opus in the house and test it before it goes in the car.

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    The information posted by BratNetwork was very helpful in sorting out the problems. In addition to wrong Jumper settings I also had some kind of short happening when Opus was attached to the case. Taking the PSU out of the case fixed the issue, I re-installed it with insulated base.

    SenatorIvy, I am using the PSU (typical one in a desktop PC) that came with the case for domestic use.

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    bratnetwork-Thanks very much for that, you saved me a huge headache

    So by looking at this, have they taken out the turn on delay on RMT 1?

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    + 1 on the turn on delay everything working except this...

    big thx for the updated fw 30 settings....cant believe OPUS could not update their webpage with this!!...would of probably saved alot of people alot of frustration!!

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    After more than 2 years this Ghost haunted me back again.

    First while working all of a sudden the CarPC stalled, and a weird loud noise started coming from the speakers.

    After a restart, it booted properly, then again after few minutes the PC stalled (this time without noise).

    On next reboot attempt, I realized that the BIOS settings were corrupted. Post fixing BIOS, realized windows OS was also corrupted.
    Brought the carPc home and repaired the setup with domestic PSU.

    When I connected it back to OPUS, there was no display, no booting, just processor fan spinning... after turning of the ignition, PSU LED was flashing 4 times.
    This was quiet frustrating.
    After lot of permutation of picking out and plugging every thing, apparently the problem got resolved after I swapped the memory (I have two memory cards).
    I had removed RAM while fixing OPUS PSU, so possibly they got swapped and hence the MOBO was locking up and boot was not happening.
    Hope this helps, some one else in similar troubleshooting.

    However, I have still not figured out why the PC crashed twice and corrupted the BIOS and OS?

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