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Thread: Carnetix Support Suck!

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    Hi sharpmusic & everyone,

    There is no formal support for PSUMoni software on Windows 7 presently. The beta version is available, but is obviously still under development. Once it is ready for release, it will be posted on the CarNetix website and the product description page of the P2140 on the mp3Car store. Mp3Car makes no claims about this software being compatible with Windows 7.

    Furthermore, the CarNetix forums have been compromised by spam recently. We are working on rectifying this situation. If you have specific questions or issues about your product, we are always happy to help. Please send your inquiry to store (at) mp3car (dot) com.
    Have a product you would like to sell on the mp3Car Store? PM me for more information.

    Have a car computer question? Ask me by emailing the store.

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    Glad I saw this, as I am looking for a 19V power supply for my Zotac MAG, running Windows 7 64 bit.

    You say it makes no claim of being compatible with Windows 7, but NOWHERE does it say that it's NOT compatible with windows 7, nor does it list what it is compatible with, it just says "Windows". If I had not seen this thread, then I would have assumed it was compatible with all OS versions.

    I did a search, and saw this post:

    I'll probably still get the P2140, but I'm still looking for any/all info on it - If anyone knows of any other work-arounds, I'd like to see them. Is there a link for the beta software or any info?

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    Hi to all

    I would have to agree with sharpmusic that there seems to be no support from carnetx for their products. I have had 2 diffrent power supplies and both of them have died.

    The first one was a P1290 and it melted its fuse. ok they repalced it with a P2140 under warrenty but it did not last ether. It worked for about 2 months and it main output died and I have e-mailed them and posted on their forum and still have not got a reply. I have be away for the last few months and had not got the time to chase it up but in that time I have not got an e-mail from them.

    So if any carnetx staff read this what is going to be done about this

    I am not over loading the power supply. I was only using 2amp @ 12v on a ntel D945GSEJT Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz and 2 usb devices that were powed from the pc.

    Just started me carpc here is a tempory link to pic of it

    my worklog

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