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Thread: On/Off Swtich and Remote Wire Question

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    On/Off Swtich and Remote Wire Question

    Heres a diagram of my setup

    1 - My remote wire has alot of connections together, what's the best way to clean it up and make it safer? I was thinking to leave the amps together on the remote wire and the rest tap into the accessory wire of my car.

    2 - I really want to have a swtich up front so I can turn on/off my inverter. Is thier a switch that can use to tap into the 8ga power line of the inverter? thanks

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    there isn't really any switches that i would trust with that kind of load. look into using a high amperage solenoid, and using the switch to control the solenoid.

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    I second that.

    My suggestion though would be a relay. If you want a pushbutton, use a latching relay. If you want an on/off rocker switch, then use a normal one. Make sure the relay can handle a switching load of 30A.

    Go to a junk yard and steal one, or grab something like this (for example only -- don't buy at RadioShack):


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