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Thread: DSATX overheat?

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    Do you have enough juice (heavy gauge cable, no loose connection on the ground, etc.) going on to it? Re-check your connection points, see if there's not a short somewhere (eg. an open fan connector).

    I had a hacked ATX psu that couldn't provide enough amps to it as windows was loading. It could work okay on the bios page, but as soon windows was loading (HD spinning, USB etc.), it would happened similarly as you describe (IIRC), eventually ATX PSU output voltage would fall from 11.9v to 11.4v. or so I thought and it would shut down suddenly. That's all I can think of right now.

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    i am trying to use the serial brainstem to monitor the voltage and temperature. But when i connect the brainstem to the dsatx, the auto turn on/shutdown doesnt work when i switch on/off ignition. Is it normal?

    there are many things to play around for the dsatx

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