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Thread: Help me decide: DC regulator or DC to ATX psu?

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    Help me decide: DC regulator or DC to ATX psu?

    Hi guys,

    I have this system with a Asus mini-ITX board (with atom cpu) lying around in my house and I would like to replace my InfillG4: this system works OK I guess but I have way to many problems with the front panel buttons/radio. They don't work all the time, seems like it loses its USB connectivity at some point.. weird. I have taken it apart many times, checked connection, etc.

    Anyway, I have decided I am moving away from the G4. I will be getting a in-dash 7" thouchscreen. I am pretty much all set for everything else - I may some amp question later but right now I have a Power question:

    This mini-ITX case already has a PSU. It uses some kind of Laptop AC/DC adapter.

    I can't decide between the following 2 options:

    - go with the P2140 ( )in which case I just need to cut the AC/DC adapter and connect the P2140 between my battery and computer. But I am wondering what is going to happen when I go into sleep mode. I suppose I will have to access the computer to leave sleep-mode? I know the P2140 is connected to ignition but I am just not sure if the computer is going to wake when it s going to get power.

    - go with the M4-ATX ( ). If I do I need to get rid of the ITX PSU but it seems there is a lot of electronics connected to it, so I am wondering if it's a good idea.

    What do you guys think?

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    From a quick look at the picture, either should work. The M4 would probably be more efficient.

    The case you have converts AC to DC and feeds it in. Inside, the circuit boards convert the DC levels to 3.3, 5, etc and then send it out via ATX connectors and SATA connectors and whatever else. If you feed it the voltage it requires (with the Carnetix) then its a simple swap.

    If you add an M4, you would take all those electronics out. You shouldn't lose any functionality though... the M4 would just replace all that and you'd feed it a 12v instead.

    Whatever is easier / cheaper I guess...

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