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Thread: GP83 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU Won't power up my amp

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    GP83 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU Won't power up my amp

    I am having issues with this power supply turning on my amp. Everything to the amp is good but for some reason it won't kick on. I have tried starting up with the amp hooked to both pins (not at the same time) with no success.

    Please help me out. Thanks

    EDIT: Also, does anyone know the pin settings for the start up-shut down timings? I read the instructions 5 times and couldn't find it anywhere.

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    if the amp powers on using a normal acc line, then you might need to use a transistor-- like what is used on the m2 power supplies(you can find out more in the m2 area).

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    I ended up just tying it in on the ACC line. Works fine now.

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    I use the yellow and black line to power my touchscreen, I haven't tried the amp turn-on but You could just hook the yellow wire from the 4 pin connecter to the remote turn on to the amp and it should work the same.

    also google "gp83 psu info" and there is a PDF for the timers

    I'm having trouble with my gp83 not turning on/off the cpu when the ACC wire is is given power, it turns on/off then I short the 2 wires from the j8 to the cpu switch legs together but I cant get the dang PSU to control it.

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