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Thread: trying to source ATX Pins

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    trying to source ATX Pins

    I need to shorten the 24pin cable from the PSU to the motherboard, and i'm having trouble sourcing the pins.

    The only place I have been able to find so far has a minimum order quantity of 4000...

    This is what I'm looking for:

    Sourcing within Australia would be nice, but doesnt look like its going to happen. Tried RS and Farnell, but neither of them have been any help.

    edit: FOUND THEM!!

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    That should be the mini-fit-jr pin required for an ATX power supply if I'm not mistaken, but double check that.
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    ooh.. gold ones.. nice find.. thanks for that

    Looks like they have an Australian branch too.. even better.

    I also requested 30 samples from molex too.. Knowing my luck, I'll go out and buy some, then the next day they'll show up

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