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Thread: Newb question - confused with psu's

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    Newb question - confused with psu's


    I was hoping some light could be shed on a question I have? The dc-dc psu's - can they power a GA-D510UD (intel atom dual core d510) motherboard for example? The m2, m3 and m4 all have just a 20 pin connector for the motherboard and most motherboards have either a 24 pin or a 20 pin + another 4pin.



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    A bit of reading later and the board might only need 20 pins plugged in. To that end I have purchased a M3-ATX and a molex to 4 pin adapter just in case. Power draw of the mobo and components is less than the psu. Motherboard is looking like an ASRock ION 330 in a M350 case, 2gb RAM, either a SSD or SATA disk and a 10.2" LCD.

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