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Thread: Powering Xbox360

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    Powering Xbox360

    Ive done searching and thinking about it i may have found a solution to some degree

    so heres what i found

    that basically connects from a xbox to a standard 20pin atx power supply. But of course you need a psu that will be sufficient. i havent found any on mp3car that would work atleast i dont think.

    So here my question is it possible to mod an off the shelf pc psu and mod it to work as essentially a higher output version as to whats available. And if thats possible then running shutdown controllers would be much easier. I will be in the car often and plan to have 2 optima redtops in the engine bay and 2 more optima yellow tops in the back for power supply and of course high output alternator.

    Power drain overnight or during a couple of hrs of use when the engine is off i dont think will be a problem. however i would like the power supply to draw less power when the xbox is in sleep mode. I want it to turn off completely 2hrs after sleep mode then of course powerback one when i start the car or press a bypass button such as a camping trip where the next day we want to use the xbox without starting the car.

    I want to avoid using inverters at all costs i hate the idea of them and will only use that if i cant find another solution.

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    you might be able to use a opus 360watt power supply:

    edit: spacing didn't stay-- heres the link to the page, the power output is near the bottom of the page:

    the xbox is only a slightly higher load then recommended, so i assume that air cooling the psu should help to counteract that, though it might be a good idea to email opus to get confirmation on that.

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    i was about to purchase one of these cables, until i read the reviews.

    1. works good until the wires get too hot and melt the 12v wires completely...good idea but it needs a molex connector too to help sped out the current flowing through the 12v lines...

    2. It's ok, but I agree with the previous reviewer. Carrying 14A over one 18 gauge wire is not a good idea. I would recommend adding a couple more connectors to the energyser. Mine hasn't melted any wires yet, but the connector is browned. This product as-is is a fire hazard and shouldn't be used.

    i will continue to check around for similar cables

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    well thats a shame that the cable is now the problem.

    Heres an option figure the pinout on the cable and just obtain the ends and make your own cable using a heavier wire. That would work right?

    As far as i know there are not any 360 or ps3 emulators as the consoles now are much more powerful than the old nintendos.

    I down to do whatever i must in order for this to work.

    I have no interest in using a single power inverter if it can be avoided. Also how about modding a high output off the shelf psu and converting it to take DC input instead of AC that cant be to hard i dont think.

    My goal is to have a in car entertainment system that trumps what most people have in their homes. It hasnt really been done yet so im taking it upon myself.

    any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

    I have to get back to work on the center console fabrication.

    L8R (Schmetty)

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    over the years MS has reduced the power consumption of the 360. that may be the issue with wires over heating.

    The newer the console, the less power will be used by each major component of the console. This is reflected in the smaller power supplies provided by each subsequent generation of the console from 203W to 175W to 150W."

    heres a link to the info:

    hope this helps someone

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