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Thread: From 12VDC to 12VAC

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    Quote Originally Posted by david69leonard View Post
    okay the reason you wont find anything on google about 12VAC is the fact that nothing runs on 12VAC
    Never say never. Back in the day, I had a phone modem that was powered by a 12vac power adapter (really just a transformer). I think I probably still have one around here somewhere...

    Sorta like these.

    Since 12vdc-12vac doesn't seem that common, it might just be easier to get a small cheap 12vdc-120vac inverter and use one of those transformer adapters like I linked.

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    Thnx for the quick replies. I will test it with my father tonight. If it doesnt work then I will tell you. If it does then I will carve all your names in the speakerbox =D


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    There are 12VAC plugpack and loads - as there are just about any "low voltage" plugpacks & loads both ac & dc.
    However ac tends to be rare - since most loads are dc, why not let the plugpack contain the filtering and interference?

    But audio AC plugpacks - VERY rare! So to laptops.....

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    i have some computer speakers that have a power supply that is rated to convert 110 ac to 9v ac, but on my houses 113-120, it puts out around 12vac... does that count?

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    As a supply that is AC or DC and anywhere from VLV (~1.2V) to moderate voltages (36-72V etc)... yeah, I think it counts.

    The only PSU that shouldn't count are car audio systems... why get 12V to the amp and THEN convert it to 40V or 70A etc. Why isn't that done at the battery?
    (That's a rhetorical question if you are a capitalist.)

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