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Thread: DC Power Supply for Shuttle X50 V2

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    DC Power Supply for Shuttle X50 V2

    I am considering a shuttle X50 V2 for my boat. It will run off the DC house bank (12v).

    I spoke with Shuttle support and they said the AC/DC brick outputs 19v/2.1A.

    I saw some articles about other PCs (Mac minis) that ran on 12v internally even though their bricks were >12v.

    Is this generally true or would I need to buy one and take it apart to find out?


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    There is a FAQ about choosing a PSU and determining what PSU is right for your system.
    You might want to give it a read.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Wow, those are some serious eye-charts. Can we get some paragraphs up in here. ;-)

    BUT, they did answer my question, thank you very very much!

    Carnetix Power Supplies


    They also make a different product line that includes the CNX-P1900 and P2140. These are designed for mini-PCs like some small formfactor HP units, Mac Mini, Cappuccinos and the like that have a 'transformer brick' type of power supply. They also work very well with many models of laptop that require a single input voltage. The CNX-P1900 & P2140 provide a user-selectable consistent voltage of 18v, 19v or 20v, as well as a secondary output of 12v, 13.5v or 5v. For building a system based on one of these miniature systems or a laptop, these power supplies will give you all the bells and whistles as the better ATX power supplies from Opus Solutions, including a startup/shutdown controller, acceptance of a remote turn-on from a car stereo or car alarm and more.


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