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Thread: Can M2-ATX power Micro-ATX Intel core2 duo 2.2ghz

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    Pointless as the CPU isn't the limiting factor when resuming from hibernation etc, it is how quickly the hard drive can read to the RAM. When you go into hibernation, Windows dumps a copy of the RAM onto the hard drive and when it resumes, it takes the dumped image file and places it back to the RAM. Either way, it's the hard drive which is the limiting factor!

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    I think your right but he say "in case it won't turn off"

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripzero View Post
    possibly, but why? do you really want to be running something that expensive, that hot, that powerful in the car?

    You may want to rather ask if you really need that kind of processing power.
    Simply because I have one lying around. Was my sisters PC but she doesn't want it anymore. I have no other use for it really.

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    i also think you should use a larger power supply then a m2-- like the dsatx, m4, or opus 360..

    i always prefer to go over the power requirements then to 'just' make it..

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