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Thread: Where to install PSU?

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    Where to install PSU?

    First of all I've searched the phrases "location" and "install" in this sub-forum and 0 results popped up.

    So where do you guys install these things? My Carnetix P2140 is coming in (supposedly on Tues) and so I've started gutting the interior of my car in preparation of my carPC install. I realized that I have no idea where the PSU is supposed to go. Engine bay? Trunk? Inside the dash-board? Near the PC? Frame of the car?
    Or is there a specific location for these things that I missed reading about? Is there any definite DO NOT's to locating this?
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    Close to your system is a good idea.
    Really, there's no real wrong location, as far as I know.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarquePervert View Post
    Close to your system is a good idea.
    Really, there's no real wrong location, as far as I know.
    What he said. The PSU really doesnt generate to much heat, so it can be near the PC. Its the reason the make them so small, so you can put it close and tight areas. Now if you use a OPUS, you have no choice, they are so big. My OPUS 320 is half the size of the MoBo, thats very big!!!!!!!!
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