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Thread: Truck Driver Need's a little help.

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    I have received the unit and have it installed. So far it's worked perfectly.
    At last My computer does not have to crash when I crank the engine.
    The only irritating thing about the install was that the welding supply store where I
    went to purchase the wiring was out of the proper cable ends for size 0 cable.
    So i ended up using size 4 and doubling up each cable run.

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    You can make your own ends out of copper water pipe when your in a jamb.

    Glad it solved your problem, please keep us posted if anything does go wrong or needs modifying so someone else going this route knows of any issues to look out for.
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    Umm...if you're using an inverter, wouldn't it just be simpler to plug a UPS into the inverter, plug the computer into the UPS and be done with it?
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    A 5kVA UPS ain't cheap.

    Plus the inefficiency.

    Not to mention how strange I find it that there is already the key core of a UPS system - namely the battery - and it is ignored. (IE - use another inverter. Or instead of adding UPS batteries, add another vehicle battery that at least should have some benefit between replacements.)
    (I can imagine the mess if telcos used AC UPS on their inverters!)

    PS - telcos usually use inverters with a mains/AC bypass - if the inverter isn't supplying the AC, its changeover relay is de-energised and hence selecting the "alternate AC" supply which is another inverter or the AC supply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte View Post
    Umm...if you're using an inverter, wouldn't it just be simpler to plug a UPS into the inverter, plug the computer into the UPS and be done with it?
    UPS's really really hate square wave or modified sign wave power that you get out of most inverters. They (the UPS's) just do not function at all in my experience, yup I tried that as a quick and dirty solution but none of the 4 ups's of various brands would work.
    I was 2 cheap to buy one of the mid size true sign wave inverters there daed expensive.

    So I went with this and it's so far worked perfectly <keeping fingers crossed>

    I do intend to clean up the wiring up once I get all the proper cable end's and find good size 0 wire in red and black so it all looks pretty. Right now it looks like a den of snakes since every run is doubled up size 4 cable. I would post pictures of my install but it's just to dang ugly right now. I am considering this a test phase ..

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    Yeah - and even if sinewave, the UPS needs to be double the rating of the electrical load (Rule Of Thumb).
    Most annoying when you have the ideal source in a car - namely the alternator.
    (Whereas you only need a 100kVA rotary UPS to run 100kVA of load, you need a 200kVA diesel-alternator to run a 100kVA UPS. But suckers still went for static UPS with their 15 minutes reserve time that cost a few hundred $thousand every few years to replace, and required 4x the floor space. Gotta love low capital setup costs.)

    But yes - you have constructed a simple UPS. Your only problem was the shared battery which is overcome with another battery (which a UPS requires anyhow) and a cheap relay($20 vs $UPS). Much better!

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