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Thread: Problems with new PSU

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    backwards-- a psu is closer to a battery then a charger

    ac-dc power supplies have tighter regulation because many devices that require dc power in a ac-environment cannot take loosely regulated power(loose/tight regulation refers to how close the output stays at a certain voltage--loose reg. will fluctuate some)

    battery chargers typically do put out a slight amount of ac ripple(or called loose dc regulation) to prevent, and/or break apart oxidation on lead acid battery plates...

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    I think of chargers as being high in ripple merely to save money (since they don't need smooth dc). After all, a battery usually behaves like a capacitor (it filters out ac).

    And yes - pulsing is used to de-sulfate plates etc. (But they wouldn't give us something for nothing LOL! - not with all these wanker 2300mA, 3200mA, 4500mA variants ...)

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    Thanks everyone,

    have the setup in the car and all is running...

    Except, it's not to what is/was mentioned in the manual:

    "Sends ON pulse to motherboard when ignition is ON for more than 2 seconds,"

    But yet it takes 10 seconds for the fan on my computer to come on and another 6
    before the computer actually starts... Is there a reason for this?

    Thanks again

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    On this psu question...

    Is it really the PSU or could the motherboad have something to do with it? It seems really odd that with 2 different DC-DC adapters it takes 10 - 15 seconds before I hear the fan spin up and another 6 seconds before the BIOS screen appears. I would have expected that after the ON signal is sent from the adapter, the MB would go into BIOS checking right away (power is already available) or am I missing something...

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