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    I have just been to an car electrical store and they have asked me to find out how much AMPs my pc will run at.

    At the moment my PC has a 230 Volts supply in it. But as far as I know a new power supply can run up to 250. Higher for servers etc, but for a new pc the power supply would be 250.

    I have been looking at at 330 Power Watt Inverter, would this be sufficient enough??

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    330W will probably will be enough, depending on how much power your computer actually takes. Volts are not the same as amps Voltage ratings are not a good measure of power.

    In the UK, all power supplies run off of 240v. They are rated around that, but they will draw varying currnts depending on the power load (power (in watts) = voltage (in volts) times current (in amps)).

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