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Thread: dumb question!!

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    dumb question!!

    I have an 150w ac-dc inverter. I am trying to find a 150w 1U power supply to connect to it but I am not having too much luck (trying to find a cheap one). Most of the 1U power supplies are 200w or more.
    My question is: Can the 150w inverter handle the 200w power supply or I need a 200w+ inverter? Does the power supply uses the total wattage (i.e. 200w) permanently or as needed up to 200w if it's a 200w power supply?
    I would hate if I have to buy a different inverter.
    I am planning in powering up a 10000m motherboard, 6G laptop harddrive, imac DVD drive, USB touch controller and serial Rand GPS. I know that 150w power supply will be enough, but I do not know about my inverter.

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    Yea the 150 watt inverter will be fine


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