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Thread: automotive turbo timer for shut down

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    Here's the thing about that power supply - it doesn't provide regulation. Eventually, your computer will suffer because of that.

    If you are 'getting away' with 200 watts as a PSU, why don't you use a power calculator (check the FAQs for links to these) and see how much power you are supposed to have for your PC? If you need more than about 180 watts, then it is pretty much just a matter of time before the power supply fails. You're drawing too much.

    The M4 had a number of bad reviews early on, I haven't heard so many lately. But, if you're scared of that (and I understand why), use a DSATX. They work well and seem reliable.

    I know it might stretch the bank account, but there's one place you don't want to scrimp - the power supply. The solutions that are out there will provide protection, regulation, auto start/shutdown and can often survive the cranking process. Everything else is just a band-aid solution once you have one of those supplies.
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    this is all true. i will be getting a true car pc power supply. probably a dsatx. Right now the pc is in my room and the car is far from finished. so Im going to finish up the xm, gps, ect. and just mount the power supply external from the dual din case. im gonna have to read more about these power suplies. my motherboard supports wake on lan. so the serial port is an option. or the conventional power button.
    if anyone has any comments or suggestions post it here. this is my build.
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