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Thread: here's a tough one... 6v car

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    you can't regulate up, you have to use an inverting circuit. You can build one but it'll only handle a few amps. anything major and you're looking at an expensive setup to boost 6V->12V. As mentioned, you could just drop in a 12V alternator and be done.
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    I would get the inverter from jcwhitney + a charger controller (can be had from one of those charge one car from another without opening the hood things<don't know the name> +a 12 volt battery. Wire the inverter to the 6-volt battery (which gets charged) to the charge controller (so the 12 volt doesn't overcharge) to the 12-volt, which will be charged by the previous. Yes you can do this it does work I've done it for a while in a 66 vw bus.
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