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Thread: Distribution Block/Fuse Panel

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    Distribution Block/Fuse Panel

    Ok, I don't know what to put in the Seach bar to find out what I am looking for, or, I am just plain retarded and missed it.

    I want to run a large gauge wire from my battery to a distribution block (with 8-10 terminals) that will be able to tie in with the ignition switch) power will stop at the distribution block until ignition is powered on). I have a limited electrical/wiring experience, and I can physically do it, I just need a visual/guide to look at to make me slap my forehead and say "D'UH" to.

    Sorry if the wrong forum, but it will power about 95% of the devices I plan on installing (only 1 or 2 will I want power to be available with ignition off).

    Thank you in advance.

    Below is a BASIC (incomplete) drawing I had (minus grounds, which I already know I have to do). The "Ignition Switch" is intended to be the distribution block tied in with the ignition switch.

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    The ignition switch energises a suitably rated relay that connects the Battery +12V via a fuse (as close as possible to the battery) to/thru the relay to the load or dist block.


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