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Thread: M4-ATX Motherboard, On / Off - Help!

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    M4-ATX Motherboard, On / Off - Help!

    Hello there,

    I have purchased a second hand m4-atx and need so help with the remote turn on.

    The PSU works fine by that's with me turning the computer on and off manually, however I need to do this remotely, I have everything setup correctly apart from one thing.

    How do I connect the PSU to the motherboard so it can send the on / off signal, what wire do I need to purchase?

    I have a wire that came with the device as below:

    Uploaded with

    Help please,



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    You would connect the PSU as you would a normal PSU to the motherboard, on the usb portion there are two pins that go to your motherboards on / off switch see my post here:
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