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Thread: Wiring wireless relay switch

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    Wiring wireless relay switch

    Hi, I cannot get my remote wireless switch to work, i have got 12V going to 12V GND going to 0v, when i click A on the fob i can here the relay clicking, But no voltage is being put out to the m2-atx board to turn on, Ive got one wire going from COM A to the remote wire for the M2-atx. where am i goign wrong. regards.

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    Is this the same switch as the one mp3car sells. It looks similar. You need to make sure the switch is set up in NO (normally open) operation mode in order to hook the 12v from the switch to power the m2. By default, its setup as a momentary switch, which would need to be connected to the motherboard power on headers, not the m2 12v remote Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    I've got this working now. I completely forgot to hook a 12V upto NC. Thanks anyway.

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    um, wait, did you say you only have 3 wires connected?

    +12v--> 12v port
    ground-->0v port

    remote m2 wire--> COM-A port.

    your missing a wire-- +12v-->N.O.

    now tell me why it needs to be connected this way

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