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Thread: power dropping out

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    power dropping out

    hi mate. my name is kristian and i am from australia. i was referd to this forum for some help on my carputer setup i have.

    i have a gigabyte ga d525 tud atom board with 4gb of ddr3 ram and a 500gb samsung laptop. i cant seam to power the system at all properly. i am using one of these

    i can get it in to the car have it running but then it will shut off and then wont restart. i will have to remove the power supply and replace it back in to start it again.

    i think that the board thinks theres a brown out of power and shuts it off and puts it in to protection mode. but i am stumped with it i have tryed 2 power supplies, and i think its the varience in the current thats chucking it in to precetion mode.

    however i am running a dual battery system in my vehicle so the alternator should keep a charge to the second battery.

    if you can help that would be great. my carputer project has been going for months now and i just want to fix this powering issue

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    That PSU requires regulated 12vDC. Your car doesn't provide regulated 12v.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    But my car has a regulator for a 12 system....

    But that is NOT a REGULATED 12V supply which means a voltage regulated to 12V.
    That may mean 12V +/-0.1V or +/-0.5V, but not the usual ~12.5V to 14.5V of a 12V vehicle or the typical 8V - 16V range experienced when cranking with old batteries (can be 8V or lower) or initial and transient over-voltages (14.5-16V).

    But there are several suitable automotive 12V dc-dc converters (ATX supplies etc) that are purpose built for PC applications. And even I am impressed with their programmable features (and I'm a very fussy Aussie - but I'll leave recommendations for the others hereon with far greater knowledge than me in that area).

    BTW - the summary of this reply is "DarquePervert x 2!".
    I'm just pre-empting confusion between a regulated 12V supply and a regulated 12V system.

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