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Thread: Powering Jetway 12V motherboard

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    Powering Jetway 12V motherboard

    Hello guys,

    I recently bought my first car and now want to hook it up with a car-pc of course.
    After look around i found this ( Jetway motherboard with 12V DC in. Now I see all of you guys working with M3ATX power supplies etcetera. But isn't the board I found a lot easier to power? Will it just accept a laptop car charger (does such a thing give you regulated 12V?)? Or am I missing something?



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    Yes you are correct, you can power it from a laptop dc brick if you want. Thats what I use with a similar board. I cut the cig plug and wired direct to vehicle works perfect for me. SNO

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    That motherboard is really not more or less easier to power than an ATX-compliant board, as long as you choose the right type of power supply to meet your goals.

    A laptop car charger that outputs 12vDC will work for that motherboard, sure. You would need a separate startup/shutdown controller if you want the PC to turn on/off with the turn of the ignition key. IF you want to turn it on/off with a switch, then you're golden with just the power brick.

    An alternate solution is a regulator that outputs 12vDC and has a built-in startup/shutdown controller, like the Carnetix models (as well as others).
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    if you want to power this with variable V input, you could customize your automotive PSU to have a DC barrel to match. It requires some soldering. I've done this quite a few times for customers.

    Long story short: you take your automotive PSU (Mx-ATX), run the power & ground wires (red & black) from the PSU and mate them to a dc barrel. The barrel plugs into the mb, the white ignition wire goes to your ignition (like normal). the power switch wire goes to your mb power switch like normal. pretty slick.
    it's a bit more of a pain to cable, but works well nonetheless

    edit: dc barrel photo

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    i could probably fab one up right quick and show you if you'd like to see an example. just shoot me a PM or something

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