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Thread: Dc to dc? Car does not have a cig lighter

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    Dc to dc? Car does not have a cig lighter

    My unit im using has DC IN, but it uses a power adapter that plugs into a regular outlet, like a latptop adapter would do. How do i go about getting this to work with the car rather than using one of those dc to ac inverters. Also no cig lighter in the car. Could i wire it up to the radio power lines since i do not have a radio?

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    you need a regulated power supply. what are the specs on the wall plug (the output). we'll need to know the voltage and amperage
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    i wouldn't trust a wall wart or normal AC-DC adapter to regulate your vehicle's power output. A wide-input PSU would be preferable, DC-DC USB, GP75, M2-ATX, M3-ATX, etc.

    I also would recommend against using the car lighter for powering anything save for maybe an LCD or display

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