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Thread: 9 Battery isolation for Starter

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    9 Battery isolation for Starter

    I am putting a 16,700 watt SPL sytem in my 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. I already have three 390 am alternators under my hood. I am putting nine SK-BT120 Shuriken batteries in the trunk and removing the front battery. I want to isolate one of my nine batteries in the trunk to dedicate to the starter or all that power will burn out my starter. I saw Metra IB200 200 amp relay/isolator and wanted a relay that would switch and separate one of the batteries from the rest when the starter wire is activated to start the vehicle. When the starter is not cranking, the battery would be connect to the other eight so it will be able to charge and power my stereo system. Would a battery isolator do what I need even though it says it's a relay? I basically want all 9 batteries for my stereo, but when I start my car, isolate one battery for the starter only when starting vehicle temporarily. Once vehicle is started, the battery will be connected to the other 8 batteries. What should I use?

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    All that power will NOT burn your starter. Keep them all paralleled - it's much better for the batteries to share the load, and the starter to have an infinite supply (low impedance source).

    Voltage is the only variable (you have) that dictates what burns out - it doesn't matter how much current is behind it. IE - your starter & system are both 12V - it doesn't matter if you have 100A or 10,000A behind it - that will not "force" any extra current than the motor takes.

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